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Sarirpey Engineering Services (PJS) was founded in 2004 by a team of engineers and university graduates from national prestigious universities and as a general contractor has obtained Certificate Grade 5 in the fields of water equipment and construction projects from Management and Planning Organization of Iran. Presently, the Company has managed to improve its ranking Certificates to Grade 4 in construction and Grade 5 in building installations and water equipment projects. The R&D Department was put into operation in 2015 and by submission of all the supporting documents to Management & Planning Organization of Iran, the Company was nominated to receive Certificate Grade 3 in water & sewage as well as pressurized irrigation and drainage in the category of Consulting Engineers.In accordance with the water resource policies of Iran for industrialization of agriculture and water-use efficiency, Sarirpey Engineering Service formed Department of Greenhouse and eventually is known to be awarded Greenhouse Certificate Grade 5 in Contractors and Grade 3 in Consulting Engineers categories. Currently, the Company is finalizing its membership in The National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association.

Some of Our Customers

دانشگاه ولی عصر رفسنجان
دانشگاه محقق اردبیلی
دانشگاه آزاد ساوه
شرکت آب منطقه ای تهران
کمیته امداد امام تهران
ایران آروین
ساختار صنعت فروهر
دهکده آبی تیس
پولاد ساز صبا
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