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Four-Seasons Green with SarirPey Greenhouse

The Company conducted several research and technical analysis in the area of industrialization of agriculture and efficient use of water resources and consequently established greenhouse teamwork and through research and study of several structures of commercial and research greenhouses of the leading European manufacturers, eventually the basic measures were taken for localization of the greenhouses complex structures for the first time in Iran. In the first place, the unique structures are designed and developed according to the climatic requirements of any individual project and at the next stage the units are manufactured in the workshop and assembled within the shortest possible time.
Greenhouse teamwork at Sarirpey Engineering Service consists of two major Departments: Consultancy and Design and Executive engineering. For greenhouse projects, initially the Consultancy and Design Department makes business plan (Phase 1) based on location climate and type of operation (commercial or research) and the best choices are suggested to the project owner.
Once the general principles and business plan were approved and finalized by the business owner in the beginning stage and necessary decisions were made over types of structures, coatings, systems and interior equipment and ancillary buildings, then it begins design and development of all units including foundations, structures, cooling, heating, foggers, shade, climate control, lighting, water supply and irrigation and etc. when drawings were released and working procedures approved by R&D and Project Managers, the drawings are submitted to project owner for final approval.
The implementation phase is involved manufacturing of the elements as well as structure components, acquisition of material and necessary equipment. Also in parallel, foundation and auxiliary facilities are being launched at project location in parallel. When the foundation was complete, it begins assembly of the structure. It is worth mentioning that different elements including columns, beams and connections are typically made of profiles and galvanized steel sheets and this Company   has never used of galvanized metal sheets as an alternative choice.







SarirPey Greenhouse Services :

  • Preparation of Business Plan for Commercial, Research & Educational Greenhouses;
  • Conducting of Feasibility Study and Consultation for Private & Public Sectors;
  • Rendering of Consulting Engineering Services; including Quantity Surveying and Estimating Services; Preparing of Tender Documents on the Basis of Price List and Price Analysis;
  • Design & Analysis of Different Components of Greenhouse Such as Foundation, Structures & Covering, Lightening, Heating, Cooling, Misting, Heating Retention , Climate Control and Irrigation Systems;
  • Acquisition of Materials, Construction of Foundation and Structure in Types of Circular, Gothic and A-Frame with   Plastic Sheets, Polycarbonate and Glass Cover.
  • Procurement of Materials, Manufacturing of Different Equipments for Greenhouse Such as: Cooling, Heating, Humidity Control, Heat Retention Curtain, Climate Control, Making Smart Greenhouses and Water Supply and Irrigation Systems.
  • Design & Analysis, Acquisition of Materials and Construction of different Installations and Ancillary Buildings.          
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